About Us

SubOut is the nation’s largest e-commerce bidding platform in the charter bus industry. SubOut creates an efficient marketplace where posters of nationwide booked charters meet with our nationwide vendor database, which currently stands at over 750 to place live bids as the charters are booked. Charter bus vendors can post their uncovered charters in the SubOut marketplace and see real-time bids from vendors for their transportation needs. The platform requires a no monthly subscription fee membership, where the winning bidder is paying a fee once they are placed on each charter.

SubOut was founded in 2011 by visionaries who have experience in technology, software development, and the transportation industry. We recognized the day-to-day challenges that owner-operators faced, and developed SubOut to answer those needs. To date, SubOut has expanded its marketplace to allow members to post vehicles for sale or for buy, and a supplier network for one stop industry shopping!

Each year, over 30,000 booked charters and over $60 million in charter work are posted through SubOut across the nation.  This makes SubOut a preferred source of added revenue for many charter bus vendors, while also creating a revolutionary online marketplace that determines dynamic pricing by matching posted charters and bidding vendors in a most efficient way.  Vendors are able to see relevant charter itinerary — such as group type, occasion, date, location pick-ups and drop-offs, and days/hours of required service, so they can make an informed bid for each posted charter.

SubOut at a Glance

  • Free to join with no monthly subscription plans
  • Over $60 million in yearly posted charters
  • Providing service 24/7, 365 days per year
  • Accessible from any web-enabled device!