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Do you know the average cost to book one charter on Google is $250 in advertising spend.

With SubOut, Charter Work Comes to You — the Bus Operator

With SubOut, pre-booked charter work is posted every day.

SubOut vets and books charter work and places it on the SubOut platform for bidding.  As a member, you will get daily emails with charters in the markets you select containing the most important details and scope of work for the trip. Members simply post a competitive bid and the charter is awarded based on several factors such as price, ratings, distance to pickup and quality of vehicle.  If your bid is selected, you will be awarded the charter.

Search and Find Work for Deadhead Miles and Idle Buses

You may find a lot of waste and inefficiency in your fleet with dead head miles and long-haul trips that leave your buses waiting in markets for a return trip.  As a SubOut member, if you have out-of-market down time, simply check SubOut for short term charter work that is available or may have sprung up, or call the SubOut team and they may have an opportunity for you.

Here is a sample of in-market search availability:

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Once you join SubOut as a member, you’ll have access to the full listing of charter work available in the areas you want.  You remain in control for charter work you choose.