Buy or Sell Dead Head Miles

Make money every mile that your vehicle is on the road, just like a plane – Got a one way? Is your bus and driver spending the day waiting for a group to finish their tour? With, you can post your availability and increase revenue.

Example #1: Your bus is going one-way from NYC to Chicago on 2/15/13. Post your bus availability at a discount for the return trip. Your Post: Bus available on 2/13 from Chicago to NYC or anywhere in that direction, 50% off.

Example #2: A group charters your bus from Miami to Orlando for the week. On one of those days the group is in an all-day conference and doesn’t need the bus. Your Post: Orlando 56 pax 2/13 8am to 4pm at a discount. enables you to post different types of opportunities for others in your region to see. Types include 'vehicles available,' 'vehicles needed,' 'parts,' and 'emergency services.'

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