Consumer Leads

BID ON ‘DIRECT FROM CONSUMER’ LEADS – NO MIDDLEMAN! brings the power of an online marketplace direct to consumers. Through our sister-site CHARTERBUS.COM, consumers can now engage with you directly.


No longer do you have to compete just on price, CHARTERBUS.COM allows you to showcase your equipment and demand an appropriate price for your equipment and service.

With CHARTERBUS.COM, consumer trip details are entered into the platform and distributed to Bus Operators in the area service is requested. We believe this approach makes it easier for both the Consumer and the Bus Operator as it saves both parties time and energy in the booking process.

No longer does a consumer have to call around to multiple companies, explaining their needs and haggling for prices, and Bus Operators no longer have to waste time with dead beat callers nor sell quality equipment at low prices.

With, you can showcase your quality equipment for higher prices or offer your ‘work horse’ vehicles at an appropriate price… All without having to pay a Middleman!