Frequently Asked Questions

What is ? is an online exchange to electronically outsource business from one company to another. It is a web-based application designed to help businesses streamline the bidding process and expand their network of contacts, allowing to increase profitability, reduce vehicle downtime, communicate quickly, network, and buy parts or services services the cheapest and most possible way. is accessible from any web-enabled .

How does help my business ? helps transportation businesses in many ways – primarily by streamlining your company’s ability to contact and network with the entire membership quickly and efficiently to get exactly the type of contract you need, when you need it. With you have the ability to have a “one-to-many” conversation, paring down the qualified bidders until you get to that perfect fit

For a complete list of features visit our Features page.

Does guarantee business ? in no way guarantees services or processes any orders. is a technology platform that allows improved communication and increases the speed of business between members.

Does assure that members have valid licensing or insurance ?

In order to post a opportunity or place a bid an operator must provide a valid DOT number in their profile . However, does not guarantee that its members have valid insurance or business licensing. Each subscriber must complete their own due diligence.

Is open to the public ?

No. is a subscription-based membership available only to registered members and their guests.

How does a company become a member?

A company becomes a member by registering as a member on the website and paying the membership fees associated with the level of membership requested (state or national). For more details, view our membership options.

What are the costs for companies to join ?

For subscription rates, please visit our membership options page.

Can membership levels be changed once registration is complete?

Yes, membership may be upgraded or downgraded at any time. When  new regions are added, the additional charge will appear on the next credit card bill. When a new region is added, it cannot be removed until the card has been charged. When a region is removed, access is immediately revoked, and the charge for that region will not appear on the next month’s bill.

What is the membership cancellation process?

Email a cancellation notice to: or by calling the customer service department at 855-841-7249. No subscription refunds will be awarded. Membership cancellation does not relieve a former member of contractual obligations made to other members of during the period of membershp.

Will a member in the free trial period be billed immediately upon the trial end?

Yes, billing is automatic at the end of the trial period. If a member does not wish to continue with membership in after the free trial period,  a cancellation email must be sent to before the date of expiration.

I need to change an opportunity that I’ve already posted. Can I do that?

Yes, but only if no bids have been made on that opportunity. Once a bid has been placed the opportunity cannot be changed. That opportunity would need to be cancelled and a new one posted. Visit the “My Opportunities” tab with the app to view, edit, or cancel opportunities.

Does the lowest bidder always win ?

No. Every member has their own specific criteria for determining the winner of each opportunity. does not mandate that criteria in any way.

Once I accept another company’s bid, how do we complete our transaction?

Once a seller has determined a winner, both the seller and winner are the seller and the winner are notified by and receive one another’s contact information.

Is involved in my contract or is any percentage of it payable to

No to both parts of the question. is not involved in the creation of contracts between members. Contracts are settled outside of the interface. is not a party to the content of the contract or obligation, and no payment related to the contract due to is intended to facilitate communications and make the bidding and posting process easier and faster, the only payments made to is the membership fee.

How will a company be notified if they win a bid ?

Both the bidder and the seller are notified by and may choose  email, text, or telephone notification.

Will I be notified if I my company did not win a bid?

No. The bid end date will pass and the system will mark it as filled. There are no notifications to anyone other than the seller and the winning bidder.

I want to give another member a positive review, or, file a complaint about another member’s services. How can I? is using as a way for members to share their opinions.  You will find the  link on the support tab on the left side of

If I am unhappy with the performance of another member when I have contracted with them, is there recourse or restitution through

No. Contracts are private arrangements between the participating companies. is not involved with the process once the bid is closed.

If feel another member has misrepresented themselves, and I report it to, what happens next? reserves the right to terminate the membership of any company at any time. monitors the system to ensure that everyone’s user experience is positive and will investigate unethical or illegal activity reported to

Can we contact any of the member companies to find out their experiences with ?

All member contact information is private, except where members are notified about winning bids.

Will use, lease or sell my information for any other reason besides ?

No. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.

How do I access the site to bid?

Members can access the site by using  their username and password that they used during the registration process to gain membership.

What happens if I forget my password ?

Passwords are reset on the sign-up page by clicking on the ‘forgot password’ link .

How do I post an opportunity?

Opportunities are posted by locating and clicking on the ‘New Opportunity’ tab located on the upper right area of the home page. A window with a form in it (also known as a modal) will appear. Complete the form with the details about the opportunity to post to the site. Submit the opportunity for publication to the other members by hitting the ‘Save opportunity’ button on the bottom of the form window.

Can I retract or change a bid once i make it ?

To retract or change a bid call  844-782-6881 or 844-SUBOUT-1

Can a company upgrade or downgrade through the site ?

Yes, through the settings link at the top right corner of

Where is available ? is only available in the continental United States.

What are favorites and how do they work ?

Favorites are companies  from your private network that you know and have had success working with and want to work with again. As you gain more trusted contacts through you may add them to your list of favorites.

If your favorite company is not currently a member of, but you would like to add them to your list of Favorites, simply send their email address to the site.  The Favorite receives a welcome email, and instructions on creating a Guest account on   That Guest account will grant access to the system.

When you create an opportunity for bid,  you may choose to limit the group of bidders to your Favorites list.   Once a company has been added to your Favorites list, they will be able to see every opportunity you create and bid on it. They will also see public opportunities from other companies, but may not bid on them, nor may Guest companies post work for hire,  unless they become members.

Are there any extra costs I should be aware of ?

No. All you pay is the monthly subscription rate for the term of your contract.

For any information that is not listed here please call  844-782-6881 or 844-SUBOUT-1

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