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With you can choose the plan that works for you. For the basic entry price of $149 per month, you have access to the entire nation, and you can choose to filter where you want to work, or see the entire network. For $199 per month you will receive all the benefits of the basic plan, plus roadside assistance for TWO buses.

There are no sign up fees—only $149 or $199 to get you started. Not sure what you need? No problem – upgrade your membership anytime!

Sign up today to see for yourself, and gain access to more business.

Plan Type Monthly Rate
Basic Service and 1 GPS Unit with Roadside $149.00
Pro Service with 2 GPS Units with Roadside $199.00
Per bus per month for each additional bus that wants a GPS unit and roadside service through Allstate. $29.99

To cancel your membership please email our support team or call.

Please visit our Terms & Conditions for a complete description of our subscription policy.

Your credit card will not be charged until the trial period is over.

It’s easy, it’s effective and keeps you rolling, 24/7/365. Sign up today!

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