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Time is money and you can save both with our Roadside Assistance Plan, provided by Verizon Networkfleet – one of the only plans available at no extra cost. If one of your vehicles suffers a roadside breakdown, we’ll help you get back on the road and back in business with the following services:

  • Towing: If a vehicle breaks down, we’ll have it towed up to 25 miles from the point of breakdown to the nearest service provider or driver-specified location*.
  • Locksmith Service: Service tech locked out of the vehicle? Our locksmith services will get you back in with one quick phone call.
  • Battery Boost: If your battery runs down, we’ll jump-start your vehicle. If necessary, we’ll also perform minor mechanical adjustments to get it going again.
  • Tire Change: Don’t let a blowout slow you down. Our flat changing service will get you up to speed again quickly**.
  • Fuel Delivery: Gas tank empty? We’ll deliver up to three gallons of fuel to your disabled vehicle. You only have to pay for the cost of the fuel.
  • Winch Service: Our plan includes extraction of vehicles stuck on ice or in mud or snow – from up to 100 feet off the roadway.
  • Lost/Stolen Vehicles: Our roadside assistance representatives can help you recover stolen vehicles by providing vehicle location information to the police.

The Roadside Assistance Plan is available to all vehicles licensed for operation on public roads and equipped with a Networkfleet device*** from Verizon. The plan includes up to four of the above services per vehicle, per calendar year. Plus, our Auto Call-Back feature automatically calls you to verify the job has been completed.

*Charges apply to additional miles and/or trailer towing. Accident towing is not covered.

**Limit one tire change per service call.

***Excludes vehicles using Asset Tracking Additional terms, conditions and exclusions of the Networkfleet Roadside Assistance Plan apply. Service provider will notify customer of any restrictions and/or applicable fees. Locksmith service excludes convertible vehicles. Hybrid vehicles are not eligible for battery boost service, and will be towed. Service is not provided on restricted roadways as determined by state and local authorities.

To learn more, speak with one of our consultants at 1 (800) SUB-OUT1